Here she is!  The little angel arrived today.  She’s as cute as a button and so quiet and calm.  And I am so prepared for this pup.

  • baby gates up…check
  • dog bed and crate in place…check
  • dog toys purchased….check
  • all clutter and piles of paper removed from floor….check and check

What could possible go wrong?

Cue the sinister jaws background music.

Turns out puppies suffer from displacement anxiety.  Who knew?

The day started out well enough.  The jolly puppy placement lady arrived with puppy in tow, a few puppy accessories and the assurance that Maisy was at least partially toilet-trained, a fact you can imagine, I was greatly relieved to hear.

I ushered them both into the baby-gate enclosed puppy zone (aka my kitchen and family room) and after sniffing out her new environment, the puppy settled happily at the lady’s feet with her new toys, while the lady filled my head to overflowing with puppy dos and don’ts.

Ohhhh….so adorable, I thought.

On her way out, the lady glanced at the floor.

Oh you have carpet.  Salt is great for that

And with that ominous pronouncement, she left us.  All alone.

The smile slid from my face as I returned to puppy central and eyed the carpet with horror.

Our delightful new puppy had christened the carpet with her very own special kind of calling card….and not the liquid kind, I might add.

“”Nooooooo!” I shouted.  “Outside…go outside…..out!”  I yelled.

I corralled her to the back door, yanked open the sliding door and tried to shoo her outside.

But she merely planted herself at the back door like a stone buddha, not budging an inch as she gazed at the rain-soaked backyard with obvious scorn.  Surely, I didn’t expect her to go outside in that, did I?  There was wet stuff falling out of the sky.  And it was cold….and icky.

“Oh, alright,” I said, scooping her up in my arms and lugging her outside, trying not to fall down the slippery stairs with a largish 15-week old lab in my arms.

As the rain slowly saturated me, and the thick swarm of mosquitoes gorged themselves on my goose-bump covered skin, I tried to keep my voice calm.

“Busy, busy. Come on Maisy….get busy.” I gave the command as I’d been instructed, trying to keep my voice light and breezy.

She merely sat, looked up at me with her big brown eyes, tongue lolling happily from her mouth.

No more calling cards to be seen.  Not a thing.

“Come on Maisy,”  I pleaded, as I swatted hopelessly at the angry red bites swelling everywhere.  “Get busy.  Busy, busy.”

But who was I kidding?  The colt, as they say, had well and truly bolted.


I hope you enjoyed this little vignette into Maisy’s first day, you can read about the lead-up to today, here.

Stay tuned to this website, for the on-going state of my carpet and more of Maisy’s insanity-provoking, I mean exciting adventures.

Bye for now

xxx Alexa