So you’re wondering how little Maisy’s been going.

Well, I recently came downstairs to discover this scenario and the conversation which ensued went something like this.

Me:  “So…ah…Maisy, you wouldn’t happen to know what happened to the magazine that was on the kitchen table would you?”

M:  “What….who……..what magazine?  I…..ah…  Nope.  Don’t know nothin’ about it.”

Me:  “Oh, you don’t, eh?”

M:  “Nope, sorry.  I’ze been asleep the whole time.  Don’t know what magazine you’re talking about.”

Me:  “Is that so.  Well explain to me, how the magazine that was on the kitchen table now seems to be torn up in a thousand pieces, right in front of you?”

M:  “What?  (looks around, feigns surprise).  “Oh…ah…that magazine.  Wow.”

Me:  “Yes.  That magazine.”

M:  “Well, now that I’ze thinks about it.  Ah….this thing kind of….thing….snuck in here.”

Me:  “A thing eh?  What kind of thing?”

Green flying saucer

M:  “Well….it was small and black….no, wait…it was green.  Yep, that’s right.  It was green.  And it kind of flew down from the ceiling and tore it all up, right in front of me.  And then it flew away again.  It was the darndest thing.”

Me:  “So, you’re telling me that a small green thing flew down from the ceiling, tore up the magazine that was on the kitchen table, that’s now in a thousand pieces in front of you, then flew away again?”

M:  “Ah yup.  That’s what happened, alright.  I seen it with my own two eyes.”

Me:  “I thought you were asleep.”

M:  “What? Oh yeah, I was.  But it kind of woke me up.  The thing was in a round machine that flew down from the ceiling, and it made this kind of buzzing sound.”

Me:  “You’re telling me that a small green thing, flew down from the ceiling in a buzzing thing that woke you up, and then it tore up this magazine?”

M:  “Ah, yup.  That’s it ezatly.  That’s ezatly what happened.”

Me:  “And you expect me to believe that?”

M:  “What? Ah yup.  I mean, I know it sounds weird.  But that’s ezatly what happened.  Ezatly.”

Me:  “The word is exactly.”

M:  “Yup.  Ezatly.  That’s ezatly what I said.”

Me:  “Aha.”

M:  “So, I’m ah, just gonna go back to sleep now, if that’s okay with you.  Because the green thing in the buzzing round machine woke me up an’ all.  So I still didn’t get any sleep at all….so now I’ze soooooo tired.”

Me:  “Is that so?”

M:  “Ezatly.”


Anywho…things are going pretty well over here.  Hope things are peachy with you too.

As I’ze always says.  A picture tells a thousand words, don’t you think?


xxx Alexa