Wet dog IMG_7148

In this house, Maisy’s bath time has been replaced by a good wipe down with a damp cloth.  And as you are about to find out, with good reason.

A while back, Maisy was doused in some awful waterless shampoo chemical concoction that was so disgustingly strong-smelling, that there was no alternative but to give her a good bath to get the horrible stuff off.

Anyway…it was around this time we learned that Maisy does not like to be bathed.

Wet dog MG_7147

“Do I look like I like bath time?”

After managing to get Maisy into a low-filled bath and soaping her down, she proceeded to scuttle around the bath like her tail was on fire. Deciding enough was enough, she suddenly leapt over the high bath wall in an outwardly spiralling explosion of water and soap.

The floor and I…were completely saturated.

I did my level best to catch her to dry her down, but Maisy was doing a good impersonation of a wacky cartoon dog on roller-skates in a room full of marbles.  She tore madly around the room in circles, her legs skidding out from under her as her claws slipped on the lino.

One of the kids came in to see what all the commotion was about… and that was when she spotted her chance.

She would escape from doggie Alcatraz.

She belted out of the bathroom like a shot, trekking wet paws over the carpet, and tearing around the house with the rest of us in hot pursuit.

If you’ve never found yourself in this situation folks, you would be surprised how hard it is to catch a wet and very determined labrador puppy when they’ve a mind not to be.

Finally I cornered Maisy in the family room.  She looked at me…I looked at her.  Her eyes said it all.  Clearly, if she was going down, she was taking it all with her.  The furniture, the carpet, the electronics, it was all gonna be collateral damage.

Time stood still, I could see into the future, but was utterly powerless to stop it.  And then it happened.

“Noooooo…..” I shouted in movie-style slow-motion, but it was too late.

Yes folks, she did the saturated wet puppy…SHAKE.

xxx Alexa

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