I still remember my trips to New York City fondly.  It really is a city that has something for everyone.  With its world class museums (think Museum of Natural History, the Guggenheim, MOMA, the list keeps going...), its plethora of restaurants, its iconic buildings and bridges (think the Empire State building, the Rockefeller centre, the Brooklyn bridge).  I could go on and on, so I thought I'd keep things manageable and confine this post to talking about my favorite spots in Central Park, New York City.

1.  Alice in Wonderland Statue

Let's start with one of my favourite sights in Central Park.  When I came across this striking bronze statue, I was captivated by its beauty.  I must have taken dozens of photos of this statue alone and I have to tell you, its very hard to capture its beauty in a photograph.  Its coppery patina and the intricate design had me spellbound for some time and I was so taken with it, it features in one of the scenes in the soon to be released Book 2 in The Harrisons.

2. Hire a bike

I tried this, and while it was a great way to see the park, I have to tell you Central Park is a lot bigger than it looks folks, and it looks mighty big.  A friend and I rode around the entire park and we were a little worse for wear when we got back to our starting point! ​

3. Carousel

You can take a ride on this stunning carousel for just three bucks.  The iconic caorusel is well worth a visit and has been around entertaining visitors since 1871. Apparently, it was first powered by a live mule or horse, hidden beneath a platform.  It's open seasonally, so check before you visit.

​4. Belvedere Castle

Another striking sight in the park is the miniature castle built in 1869. Belvedere means “a beautiful view” in Italian, and its well named since located at the highest point in the park, you can enjoy a wonderful vista across the park, including the Ramble and Turtle Pond.​

5. The Conservatory Garden

This six-acre area comprises three gardens – English, French and Italian. The delightful gardens let you sample European style landscaping without actually having to leave the 'US' of 'A'.  Its abundance of flowers, walkways and fountains make it a great destination for a stroll.​

6. Central Park Lake

A visit to Central Park wouldn't be complete without renting a boat from Loeb Boathouse and taking a romantic row around the pretty lake.  While you're at it, you'll see Bow Bridge – the second oldest cast-iron bridge in America.

7. Carriage Ride

Or maybe a carriage ride is more your pace.  There's no doubt its fun to snuggle under a blanket with your significant other, take in the sights of the famous park and let someone else do the elbow work.​

8. The Great Lawn

Fancy a picnic?  Then this iconic lawn is the place for you!​  Situated in the heart of the park, the 55-acres area has featured in many films, depicting New Yorkers taking a bit of 'r and r'. You might just strike it lucky and catch a great concert here too!

9. Central Park Zoo

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know this setting ​was the inspiration for the Madagascar franchise, with the lion and zebra characters (voiced by Ben Stiller and Chris Rock respectively) living right here in this zoo.  Its a must do if you're visiting the park with kids.

10. Sail Boats at Conservatory Water

The best for last?  I'm not sure, but I certainly loved it!  Again this striking location on the east side of the park​ was so lovely, that it inspired me to set another scene of The Harrisons Book 2 here.  It ended up being one of my all time favourite scenes!

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