A lot of author bios will tell you how the author told stories from the age of two, wrote voraciously from three and a half, and spent their entire lives in a library reading any book they could lay their hands on from that point forward. While I did always love reading, that description doesn't really apply to me.

After studying languages and psychology, I worked variously in office admin, as a teacher, singer, voice-over artist and a ton of other things in between. Fast forward one change of country (Australia to Canada) and two children later, I don't think I found writing so much as it found me. And I'm sure glad it did, because I can finally say I've found what I'm supposed to do:)

I'm currently working on a big family series: Award-winning The Harrisons, which features love and family ties, with some suspense thrown in. Oh, and you'll usually find a comical character or two in my stories, just because I can't resist sprinkling in a little humor as well.

The Harrisons will be a seven book series + the prequel.  Lacey's story - Once In A Nashville Night has just released and early reviewers are loving it, so I hope you'll check it out.

I've loved writing my first contemporary romance series The Harrisons, and I hope you'll enjoy meeting each of the seven Harrison siblings as much as I have.