Once In A Big Dream

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But Joe and Rose were just the beginning. If you'd like to read more of the wonderful Harrisons, you can meet eldest sibling Blake in Once In A Blue Kentucky Moon (book 1) and his sister Laura, in Once In A New York Minute (book 2). I've included links to all your favorite retailers below.

But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy Joe and Rose's love story in Once In A Big Dream - absolutely free!

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Book 1: Once In A Blue Kentucky Moon

Book 2: Once In A New York Minute

Blake’s relentless hard work turned his late father’s legacy Lockwood Farm, into a thriving five-star racehorse training facility—until a freak run of bad luck has pushed it to the verge of bankruptcy.

But when new stablehand Tatum’s tangled web of secrets starts to unravel, Blake is rocked by the discovery of a devastating secret that has him caught between a rock and a hard place. Now he has to decide between the family farm he cherishes, and saving the woman he’s come to love.​

romance in new york

Haunted by a failed marriage and a failed business, the humiliation from Laura Harrison's fashion designer days still burns like it was yesterday.

Back in NYC, she's floored when she bumps into tall handsome Marcus and his sudden appearance has her doing an about face on her decision to leave.

As Laura struggles to find her courage to start again, storm clouds are gathering on the horizon and threatening to rain on her parade all over again.