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A prison sentence he didn't deserve, the love of his life lost forever...

​Find out where it all began...In this gripping prequel to The Harrisons, Joe and Rose's story will have your fingers flipping the pages like lightning as their passionate story unfolds.

After 5 long years inside, Joe Harrison is finally about to taste the freedom he's been dreaming about for so long, except that the outside world doesn't exactly look kindly on ex-cons. In fact if it wasn't for his childhood friend, Buddy, he'd probably be sleeping on the streets by now. Instead, he's working at famous track Keeneland, shovelling hay from dawn to dusk and just trying to stay out of trouble.

The Harrisons

But when a student photography group shows up at the track one day, trouble finds him in the form of gorgeous budding photographer, Rose Parmenter. The chance encounter sends his life skittering in a new direction that neither one of them could have imagined, but even as they dream of what could be, the shadows of Joe's violent childhood are about to explode into their lives with savage fury.

Rose Parmenter's perfectly ordered life is bubbling along very nicely. Except for the fact that she hates her mother's endless snobby society lunches, she'd rather be a photographer than an accountant and she doesn't love her successful businessman fiancé, Geoffrey. In fact, if it hadn't been for the death-bed promise she'd made his sister Beccy, she probably wouldn't even be in this situation. But despite it all, she's determined to make it work and see through the promise she made to her beloved best friend. If only Joe Harrison hadn't turned up on her horizon and turned her whole world upside down.

Joe's exciting and romantic in every way that Geoffrey isn't, and for the first time in her cosseted little life, Rose is really living. Her growing awakening convinces her that Joe might just be worth risking everything for, but when he confesses that he doesn't love her, his heart-crushing revelation seals her fate with Geoffrey. That is, until the final explosive climax where Rose is forced to confront the ultimate dilemma between love and duty.


​"The romance between Joe and Rose really makes this book shine. Their growing attraction is realistic and their chemistry sizzles. If only other romance writers could master this! This is a highly recommended, five star read."

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