Introducing Alexa's Launch Team!

free books to download
free books to download

Do you want to read the latest Alexa Bloom book before everyone else?

For free?

My launch team members get my book before it's published so you can leave a review on Amazon when it becomes available. Reviews on Amazon are critical to a book's success, so I'm happy to give you guys - my amazing launch team readers - all my books for free:)

What are the benefits of being a launch team reader?

  • Free e-books before they're published!
  • Giveaways of my signed paperbacks
  • Exclusives, swag and prizes

All you need to do is leave a review of my book within a certain time period after receiving your e-book (usually 1 – 2 weeks). It's super easy and fun to be a launch team reader! So sign up below and get all my books for free!