Introducing The Harrisons


Once In A Blue Kentucky Moon

Book One in the series​ introduces you to the The Harrisons. A loving family of seven siblings raised in the heart of blue-grass Kentucky, who've each made good in their own way and whose adventures will take you somewhere new in each book.

But Lockwood Farm right in the heart of Kentucky is where it all began and it keeps on drawing them back, as they make their way in the world.​

Not in a million years did Tatum O’Connor imagine she’d ever end up at Lockwood Farm. She’d dreamed of seeing it, like other kids dreamed of visiting Disneyland. Fast forward several years and Tatum is on the run from a haunting past. She’s gotten to Lockwood alright, but not the way she’d planned it. Now the only thing Tatum wants to do is keep her head down and work with the horses she adores—if only she didn’t have to deal with the farm’s owner, Blake Harrison.

Handsome and cocky, Blake’s the poster boy for everything Tatum’s trying to avoid. Yet despite her best intentions, the sizzling attraction between them is seducing her into breaking the one promise she vowed she’d never break. As she grapples with the sensuous power of Blake’s devastating kisses, the past she thought she’d outrun is closing in fast. And time…has just run out.​

Blake’s relentless hard work turned his late father’s legacy Lockwood Farm, into a thriving five-star racehorse training facility—until a freak run of bad luck has pushed it to the verge of bankruptcy. Blake’s counting on Diamond Lad to pull off the most spectacular win in horse racing at the prestigious Kentucky Derby, but when blustering owner Max McManis yanks his multi-million dollar stallion out of Lockwood—Blake is at his wit’s end.

The arrival of stunning, enigmatic Tatum O’Connor, has him doubly sucker-punched. Despite her inexplicable hostility toward him, Blake falls hard and fast for the feisty new stable-hand, whose endless chocolate doe-eyes make it damn near impossible for him to keep his hands—and lips, off her.

But as Tatum’s tangled web of secrets starts to unravel, Blake is rocked by the discovery of a devastating secret that has him caught between a rock and a hard place. Now he has to decide between the family farm he cherishes, and saving the woman he’s come to love.

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Reviews for Once In A Blue Kentucky Moon

Tatum and Blake's growing attraction is realistic, their chemistry sizzles, and their interactions are completely believable. If only other romance writers could master this! This is a highly recommended, five star read.....Jennifer

I have just finished reading this book. 2:00 A M, couldn't put it down until finished. What a romance story, so believable with wonderful people and horses. STARGAZER was an absolutely cute story stealer and definitely Tatum's boy. AW!! Wish I could give this colt a big hug. This book WANTS to be READ and enjoyed....Ellen

Love books that touch the heart and this one does in many ways. You won't be disappointed. A must read!....Avid reader

I loved that book; a little drama added to a little sexy and you've got a great storyline with equally great characters. :)....Lyne

This is incredible.....Larry