Once In A Nashville Night

The Harrisons - Book Three


Once In A Nashville Night

Lacey Harrison followed her dream to Nashville...didn't she? After all, she is living in music city and playing her beloved country music. But singing cover songs in some honky tonk bar doesn't exactly pay the rent, and her job at the diner is about as far from glamorous as life could get. When her fiance breaks his promise to leave New York and join her in Nashville, she's ready to throw in the towel—but for a chance encounter with handsome stranger Cal, that is.

The mysterious scruffy guy with no memory and seemingly no past, soon pushes her out of her comfort zone and into a major record label competition, where the glittering prize could propel her to the dizzy heights of superstardom. He even has her believing that her original songs deserve a shot in the contest finals at her dream venue—the Grand 'Ole Opry. When disaster strikes and her dreams turn to dust, she turns to the one person she thought she could count on. But how can she survive the biggest betrayal of them all?

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Reviews for Once In A Nashville Night

Alexa continues to write great stories that grab your interest right from the start with great twist and turns in the plot that keep you guessing what's going to happen next......Betty

This one was the best yet! Loved the setting of Nashville and the true to life characters. Loved it!....Lou

Grab your copy of this book and jump into this very interesting story about finding your true self. Great plot and characters. I highly recommend it. I've read all Alexa's books - she's such a great author.....Avid reader

Just finished reading it. What a truly wonderful story! Keep them coming, can’t wait for another....Jackie

Chapter One

The rhythmic beat of the heart machine increased slightly as Cal’s eyes flickered slightly under his closed lids. Had there been an observer in the room, they would have noticed how his skin, shades lighter than its customary tanned hue, appeared pasty under the buzzing fluorescent lights overhead.

          A pungent antiseptic smell dragged his consciousness kicking and screaming upward from the blackness and forced his eyes open. He let out a dull groan, as pain reverberated through his skull.

          He tried to take in his surroundings but punishing white light bounced off every damn surface in the room and knifed its way directly through his eyeballs into his pounding brain. He squeezed his eyes shut. Jesus! What the hell had happened to him?

         Adrenaline coated his entire body in a patina of sweat as he forced his eyes open again. Through blurred vision, he could see the hazy lines of his own prostrate form stretched out on a bed before him, the beeping panels of lights and machines flanking him, clearly belonging to a hospital room.

           He closed his eyes and tried to make sense of this. A barrage of fragmented memories flashed through his mind like a speeded-up movie reel. A car rolling, sounds of shrieking metal on metal, a piercing scream beside him.

         He sat bolt upright in the hospital bed. “Beccy!” He screamed, catapulting himself out of bed. “Beccy!” His tethered wrist, still hooked to an IV drip, yanked him back. Black dizziness was swooping in, throwing him off-balance as the gray linoleum floor-tiles accelerated up to meet him. Seconds after he hit the floor, the machines he’d been hooked up to followed with an ear-splitting crash.

         Running footsteps pounded down the corridor outside his room, but he couldn’t seem to move. The footsteps halted in the doorway.

          “Good God almighty!”

          A blurry pair of white sneakers ran to the wall, then a glaring alarm punched the air.

         “I need some help in here!” The voice yelled.
         It was the last thing Cal heard before the world faded to black.

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